Drones vs mosquitos: using high and low-tech to fight malaria

Michelle Stanton pilots a drone as part of the malaria prevention project
© UNICEF Malawi/2018/Andrew Brown

In the middle of a muddy field next to a reservoir in Kasungu District, a team of scientists are hard at work. Boxes of equipment lie scattered around a patch of dry ground, where Lancaster University’s Michelle Stanton programmes an automated drone flight into a laptop perched on a metal box. The craggy peak of Linga Mountain (‘watch from afar’ in the local language) looms over the lake, casting its reflection in the water. A local cattle farmer stops with his herd to watch the unusual activity.
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Leading role: Head Teachers Association improves schools

Headmaster Pemba (left) with members of Kwiputi Primary School’s Learners Council
© UNICEF Malawi/2018/Eldson Chagara

In the packed earth yard at the centre of Kwiputi Primary School, a group of girls gather to practice netball, ahead of a district competition. The pitch is rudimentary, with goal posts made from wooden poles with scrap motorbike wheel rims attached to the top. The girls shout out to each other, with team coach Samayat, 14, giving directions. Rain clouds gather ominously overhead, but the girls keep on playing. Suddenly Samayat gets a clear shot at the goal ring, throws the ball, and scores.

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