Photos: African wildlife

Vultures fight over the remains of a buffalo, caught by lions the previous day
© Andrew Brown/2017/Zambia

This is a selection of my best wildlife photography, mostly taken in South Luangwa national park, Zambia. The park is around four hours’ drive from Lilongwe and has a huge abundance of wildlife. In the dry season, large animals are forced into the open in search of water. In the rainy season, the lush green landscapes challenge stereotypes of Africa, while migratory birds arrive for mating and nest building. 

Dry season, South Luangwa

A matriarch elephant leads the way to across a dried out riverbed to a seed pod tree
© Andrew Brown/2017/Zambia
A male giraffe (right) pursuing a female – very slowly and laboriously
© Andrew Brown/2017/Zambia
Zebra walk in single file down the valley opposite Mfuwe Lodge
© Andrew Brown/2017/Zambia
Impala – an underappreciated and often overlooked animal
© Andrew Brown/2017/Zambia
A hippo skeleton, dismembered by hyenas and reassembled by humans
© Andrew Brown/2017/Zambia
An elephant pulls branches of a tree, and strips the bark to eat.
© Andrew Brown/2017/Zambia
A leopard sleeping in a tree favoured by impala for its flowers
© Andrew Brown/2017/Zambia

Rainy season, South Luangwa

A family of elephants walk in a line across a green landscape during the rainy season
© Andy Brown/Zambia/2018
Birds perch at the top of a bare tree, drying their feathers in the sun after fishing in the river
© Andy Brown/Zambia/2018
An impala in the early morning light on the road outside Mfuwe Lodge
© Andy Brown/Zambia/2018
Masked weaver birds constructing nests on a tree surrounded by water
© Andy Brown/Zambia/2018
A zebra rolls around in a ‘dust bath’ to remove ticks, while another waits it’s turn
© Andy Brown/Zambia/2018
A kingfisher perched on a branch by the side of the road, allowing a close up shot
© Andy Brown/Zambia/2018
A troupe of baboons march down the riverbank, reflected in the water
© Andy Brown/Zambia/2018

Winter, South Luangwa

Early in the morning, lions devour a buffalo caught the previous night
© Andy Brown/Zambia/2018
The remains of the same buffalo, a few hours later
© Andy Brown/Zambia/2018
The next day, vultures move in to finish off the scraps (also see top photo)
© Andy Brown/Zambia/2018
A family of giraffes cross the river, near a pod of hippos
© Andy Brown/Zambia/2018
Elephant cross the river, opposite Luangwa River Camp
© Andy Brown/Zambia/2018
A giraffe swishes its tail to dislodge flies from its backside
© Andy Brown/Zambia/2018
A fisherman on the river at the edge of the park: a very dangerous livelihood in crocodile infested waters
© Andy Brown/Zambia/2018

Penguins, South Africa

You don’t normally expect to see penguins in Africa, but they can sometimes be found at the southern tip of the continent. There is a protected penguin colony at the sheltered inlet of Boulders Beach, on the Cape Peninsula of South Africa, where the birds can be seen in their natural habitat.

Boulders Beach penguin colony, on the Cape Peninsula of South Africa
© Andy Brown/South Africa/2019




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